Training Program for Farmers' Organizations  (Agricultural Cooperatives)

A training program that helps managers and leaders first imagine and then design new and innovative approaches to strategizing, allocating resources, harnessing talent, evaluating performance, building teams, and exercising control. All with the goal of creating farmer organizations that are endlessly adaptable, perpetually innovative, and deeply engaging and sustainable.

Specialization courses for micro-entrepreneurs.

 The training sessions allow microentrepreneurs to become familiar with a series of management tools (finance, human resources, accounts, marketing, etc.) and with the best practices necessary to ensure the proper functioning of their business.

About Ana Luisa

Ana Luisa Mendoza Vela. Consultant, entrepreneur, writer and motivator from Peru, specialist in Sustainable Development. During her 22 years working, she has implemented different models of change in production, business, organizational and people development.

Proof of this, are her interventions in processes of strategic changes in programs of various public, private and international cooperation agencies, always linked to the design and implementation of strategies in areas of poverty, and in the design of inclusive business chains. 

In Peru she works to promote the sustainable development of people, being invited to numerous radio and television programs, congresses and conventions. She has published articles in national and international journals, she has carried out various systematizations of all development experiences where she has participated and written two books on personal development and family agriculture.

She has a healthy and simple life which combines with natural eating, physical exercise, positive attitude and practice Christianity.
Job training:

2020- 2021: PhD in Public Management and Governance (studying) UCV.

2017-2018: Professional Training in Ontological Coaching. 

2012-2013: Master of Educational Psychology – Andragogy - UCV.

2008-2011: PhD in Environmental Sciences (completed studies) - AIU.

2005-2006: MBA. Business School Eurotec.

1993-1998: Agricultural Engineer - Watershed Management Specialist.

Academic speaker

Opinion leader on agrarian issues

Opinion writer in national and international magazines. 

Books: "Success or failure depends on you" y "Learning process of farming families".
Methodologies and Approaches: Management of facilitation techniques, coaching, methodologies for adult training, business methodologies, methodologies for rural extension, human talent methodologies, participatory dynamics and social communication. Work approaches: basin, inclusive, participation, gender, environmental, interculturality.
Experience: Topics: Spaces for dialogue and agreement, public management, associativity, cooperative, business plan, agricultural business management and sustainable development research.